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Default Re: Saturn Astra XR 3-Door: A Saturn Worth Looking At

Originally Posted by AstraNorth View Post
What exactly do Americans want???....a cookie cutter car??? The reason "I" bought my Astra is because it is different from the millions of Cobalt's, Sunfire's, Civic's, Corolla's...etc etc. I think of Buick's as a niche product...WELL...until I turn 60..."Oh...GOD HELP ME"
I don't see many Astras on the road. One day on my way to work, I noticed a new "Astra" in the driveway of a house I often pass. I did admire the lines on the car at the angle I saw it from the road.

One day, I saw the owner had pulled out of the driveway ahead of me. As I was driving behind the "Astra", I sped up a little to take a closer look. What I saw was actually a Nissan Versa hatchback ... nice car ... so much for the Astra being "different"!


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