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Default Re: Saturn Astra XR 3-Door: A Saturn Worth Looking At

Originally Posted by AstraNorth View Post
What exactly do Americans want???....a cookie cutter car??? The reason "I" bought my Astra is because it is different from the millions of Cobalt's, Sunfire's, Civic's, Corolla's...etc etc. I think of Buick's as a niche product...WELL...until I turn 60..."Oh...GOD HELP ME"
Look at the Top 10 best selling cars for the past ten years or so and you'll see exactly what Americans prefer.

June 2009 this is what Americans bought.

1. Ford F-series 35,915
2. Toyota Camry/Solara 26,394
3. Chevrolet Silverado 24,766
4. Honda Accord 23,955
5. Honda Civic 20,954
6. Toyota Corolla/Matrix 19,935
7. Ford Fusion 18,561
8. Nissan Altima 16,350
9. Ford Escape 15,385
10 Chevrolet Impala 14,931

I really don't desire any of them... The passage of time hasn't influenced my choice of cars. I've always owned somewhat unique automobiles.

Being a hatchback model did hurt sales, and Saturn knew this before hand, but decided on them anyway. Look at the Mazda 3's sales the non-hatchback models dominate 70% of it's sales. In Europe 70% of the Mazda 3's sales are for the hatchback model. The buyers in this car class already have prejudices on what they want. They want Civics and Corollas...

The unfortunate fact is the American automobile manufacturers drove their customers away to the Japanese manufacturers. The current economic problems will continue to drive customers away because they want to make certain that their car companies will be around in the future.

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