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Originally Posted by billr View Post
I gotta ask... If it isn't losing coolant, why do you think it is overheating? The dash gauge is far from being a precision instrument. Are you using live-data or an actual thermometer in the coolant? What actual temps (in F or C) are you reading?
I only have the dashboard temperature sensor so nothing else confirms the heat.

I think it gets hot when I sit in traffic because the fan is not coming on. As soon as I pick up speed to about 15mph the engine goes back to normal levels of heat.

Normally my SL1 1996 heat gauge shows between 1/4 and 1/2 (but closer to 1/2). If it goes over 1/2 something is not working right but it is still OK. Sitting or barely moving in traffic it goes up to 3/4 or even a little above. That is too hot and I think it is because the fan won't turn on when the car is going to slow to cool itself off.

Is that reasoning not right? I dont know, I am not very mechanically inclined.

As I have a new heat sensor, and my fan works (I saw it in action when I turned on the A/C) I was wondering if it could be the relay.

Thanks everyone for helping with this. I really don't know a lot about cars.

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