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2007 ION-2 Quad Coupe
Wrench P2138 Code as well as battery issues

Itís about time I joined you all.

I got my 2007 Saturn Ion 2 from my friend in April. Her parents upgraded her to a new car after her alternator went out and i bought it from them. Changed the alternator and battery. The radio is dead and I havenít had the time or money to fix it yet. Beyond that, solid car.

About 2 months ago, I had an issue with it going into limp mode on occasion. Diagnostics said it was likely the pedal position sensor, and a mechanic confirmed that it was likely that. Got it changed. Well, I parked it on Sunday night and didnít attempt to start it again until Tuesday at 6pm. The battery was dead. Charged it, drove it, and all seemed fine. I parked it again Tuesday night after roughly 2-3 hours of driving, and didnít start it again until today(Thursday) at 5. Again, battery was dead. The alternator is fine and the battery is only 6 months old. But the damndest thing was that as I was taking it to get the alternator checked after jumping it, it went into limp mode and tripped the same code it did this summer (P2138).

I love this car. I really want to make it work fine but my friends and I have exhausted our efforts in terms of what we think. Iím planning on taking it back to the mechanic but would like an opinion from you all. Anyone else had this issue? The check engine light also has a code that is for a vacuum leak or a gas cap issue.

I havenít had any problems since I changed the pedal position sensor and I donít want to get stuck in limp mode while on the highway or anything else.

Thanks all.


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