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Default Re: My '93 SL2 failed NJ emissions.

Originally Posted by $1K Special
First off, still being new to this forum I'd like to thank and congratulate you all on your wonderful work. Now then, both the NOx and HC were slightly above the state maximum (will post actual numbers shortly) but the CO was well below the limit. The ECTS was replaced five weeks ago and the PCV valve, plugs and wires are roughly two months old. Curently no trouble codes stored (paperclip test) or SES light at all under any conditions. Are the EGR valve and/or catalytic suspects here? I should note it has 148k miles and runs nicely. Thanks in advance.
check your O2 sensor. Sounds like your cat isn't doing it's job, or your PCM doesn't know how to have your car run. Both could be due to the O2 sensor. Replace it, and see if you pass. (cheap fix) Then, if you still fail, try a new cat, but make sure if you get a new cat to also replace that ****in' O2 sensor. "Go as a pair the two of these do."-

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