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1995 SL2

Changed Transaxle Mount

Well, this morning I went through the effort to change my transmission mount (transaxle). I started shortly before 8am and finished just short of 2pm. Granded, Wolf would probably have been able to do it within a half hour window (and that would have included taking some calls wishing him a happy father's day & a short breakfast. )

Anyway, on a serious note, the factory service manual implies that all that is necessary is to lift the transmission up, and slip out the mount. Well, at a certain lift, the transmission and engine would end up lifting the entire driver's side of the car. It would not lift high enough to be able to remove the old mount. After removing the battery, it's base and loosening the transmission strut, I determined that it would be necessary to lift the engine's upper mount, also. After taking the two engine upper support nuts, I was able to lift and shift the trans/engine to remove the mount. That is not enough, the new mount required more lift to be able to slip it into it's slot.

In examining the old unit, I found that it had substantially shrunk. This had to be failing for more than a YEAR. With that said, in the future, I would strongly suggest that if one feels that the upper engine mount needs to be replaced, then the probability that the transmission mount has also, and equally, failed, is very high--and it should also at the same time be replaced.

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