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Default Re: Buzzing noise in throttle body

Just read your messages now, we will do this tomorrow. Thursday my boyfriend got the car running all he did was with ignition off tighten the ecm two cords to make sure they werenít loose, he disconnected battery to reset it for about 15 mins then reconnected the battery and the car started perfectly he took it for a spin and ran beautifully. I got the car registered and insured and took it to bring him to work Saturday night. He did an oil change and put coolant in it. Everything ran great we were so excited! Brought him to work turned the car off then moments later turned it on reversed and was waiting to get on the road due to passing cars and was in idle and the car stalled....brought it back in the parking lot and shut it off. Turned it back on and didnít start. Nothing was loose he now double checked everything it did start up and we put fresh fuel in the gas station and stalled at the pump long story short we had to have it towed back home every time the car idled it it does have check engine light on and we put the code reader in and got the following codes.. p0502, p0503, p0562, p0563, p0601, p0603, p0727, p0756, u2105, p1621, p1779, p1791.

All relate to the pcm! I need to get this car on the road ASAP and was going to purchase a new pcm tomorrow from flagship one that is refurbished. Should I proceed to just do that? Or is there any other steps I should take ?


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