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Default Re: 1998 Saturn SL2 won't start when parked on driveway incline

Your “no start on incline”, start after two key cycles and now “almost starts” really makes me suspicious of fuel delivery. If this was my saturn I would install a fuel pressure gauge with a long enough hose to reach the windshield so I could tape it there or place it under a wiper.
If pressure is above 40 after ONE key cycle then fuel is not the current problem. If you need two or more key cycles to reach 40, i would suspect fuel problem.
If you have 40 and still no-start you need to look elsewhere.
If it starts I would then drive and look for inclines on rolling back roads and drive in a lower gear and watch the pressure.
Watch the pressure when you turn key to on “once” after car sits overnight. Keep the gauge there until a no-start occurs and If the pressure never drops below 40 during your “test” you know the pump is fine. If it does drop then you need to confirm the following;
1) there is no “debris” in the tank (you would be surprised what I have found in some tanks that moves around and sometimes restricts pump inlet sock)
2) filter is not plugged and lastly...
you may just have to change the pump.


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