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Default 2003 Ion 3 alignment questions

The hit some hit some ice and slid into a curb and killed a tire on the front passenger side. Rim had a slight bend, that was repaired (steel rim), and 2 new tires were put on the front.

Then about 4 weeks later at night the drivers side rear tire hit something and bent the hell out of the rim and shredded the sidewall and part of the front of the tire. Too dark and too much snow, so she was not able to find what she hit. Pot hole maybe? No idea. AAA towed it home.

A brand new rim and a good used tire (prior good front tire maybe?) where put on the drivers rear. Wheel bearings are all fine. Yes I was shocked too.

But now it has a slight pull to one side. It is very driveable, she has probably put a 500 miles on it since the last tire got wasted.

We got an alignment check, but I have 45 years of hard knocks bad experience with those places, and I have lost all faith in alignment folks. Been doing all, and I mean all my own vehicle work for the last 20 years. Started doing some 45 years ago. So here is the alignment data (image below).

Shop wants to fix the front end Caster first, but I just read that caster is not even adjustable on these??? Also the pull to one side she is pretty sure started after the rear tire/wheel got seriously hammered (it looked like it hit a huge pot hole from hell or something sharp and hard rolling in the blizzard wind/snow.... and the two wheel attacks were about 4 weeks apart, so I suspect the problem is the rear toe in and not a problem on the front????

Is the rear Toe adjustable? If so how (what part)? I know how to driveway toe in adjustment on front ends of old rigs....Old tech Jeeps etc.
Here is the data print out. Not sure if their "specs" list is right???? I printed out one from another thread link here, with the updated GM specs...

I will post more as I find more details. I am inclined to fix the rear toe on both sides then see what is what. It also wonder if the re-used tire on the rear has a belt issue. For Now I will assume the tire is OK. All tires were balanced.

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