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Default Re: Strut Replacement With Pictures on a 2000 SW2

Originally Posted by patty_b View Post
After replacing both front strut assemblies with monroe quickstruts, I'm getting a creaking sound from the right side when I turn the steering wheel.
I'm hoping that after the springs settle, this noise will go away. I checked the location of the spring end (where it seats on the rubber) and it's not pushing one of the rubber bumps up to the metal.

Any suggestions for what to do if the problem doesn't fix itself?
I know I'm replying to a very old thread, but the creaking sound is caused by over torquing the strut tower nuts. If they're too tight, it damages the mount bearings. On my '97 SW1, according to the FSM, the front and rear nuts are supposed to be torqued to 21 ft-lbs.


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