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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal

Hello All:

I have a question for experts below however i have a good news. Today I removed the quill seal by a home made tool.

1. a pipe nipple ( Pipe Nipple, 2-Inch X 4-Inch from ACE hardware)
2. plenty of washers
3. 3/8 x 7 inch bold and nut (total cost of parts is $21, i'm sure harbor freight beats me down)
4. Heat gun

I have heated the case with a heat gun till it is too hot to touch then have pressed the seal out with my home made press. It took 1 minute to press it with some cuts on my hand due to sharp corners.

I removed one of the transmission seals easily.

The second one has rings outside and inside of the seal. the new part does not look like original one. I'm ok to ignore the outside ring but now sure if I should ignore the inside one (26 in the image below) for thickness purposes. i try to create a link to show my picture. i hope it works;
www dot saturnfans dot com / photos / showphoto.php?photo=57371&cat=500

So should i put the ring 26 back in the transmision. There is no grove to put it in. It just stays there like a forgotten part.

PS: please remove spaces in my link and replace dots with dots.


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