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Default Re: Electrical issues

Originally Posted by dmayorgap View Post
Hi, should i make a voltage drop test with the battery cables? besides the battery test.

1. Measure battery static voltage with a multimeter most should own as a household tool.. If less than 12.5 V without load, the battery will unlikely spin the starter even hearing the solenoid engage.

2. If battery more than 3-4 years old, replace it. Don't screw around with it.

3. If battery is relatively young, you have adequate voltage after a charge etc, remove the battery if you can't start the car and take the battery to autoparts store for a load test. This will determine its cranking power and status of the cells within the battery.

4. So the battery is the cornerstone of any electrical issue. If battery is good after a trickle charge, but voltage is low after a drive, then you need to check the status of alternator...if it increases voltage when the car is running.
But always start with the battery and if a few years old replace it.

From there, status of the cables and grounds need to be evaluated. If fresh battery voltage is 13 V +, you hear the solenoid and the engine won't crank, then likely your starter has failed.

In summary:
a. Battery status based upon age and above.
b. Starter status based upon overall vehicle mileage. Not uncommon to have starter failure approaching 100K miles. Not a certainty a starter will fail at this mileage but not unexpected either.
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