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Default Re: Clutch suddenly failed!

Originally Posted by Shadow_tek001 View Post
2008 sky 2.4 manual
I was parked facing forward down a fairly steep hill. Car Sat that way for about a week in rather cold conditions... Now I can't get it into gear, I went to fire it up with the clutch pedal all the way down and it started to move backward up the hill (I leave it in gear when parked). I managed to get it out of gear and fire it up, but the clutch now doesn't do anything...
Help!! :-(
High revs and dumping the clutch to provoke wheelspin could cause the damage you describe. As to heat, slipping the clutch is an obvious one. Having reliable clutches would be wise.
this sort of clutch failure is usually caused by misuse. For example, I'm told that slipping the clutch for too long when you are in a slowly moving queue in a multi-story car park is one possibility. However, I can't see that either I or my son have been doing anything like that.
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