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Default Re: 2008 VUE XE Brakes dragging and locking

This is the answer. It cost me lots of money and frustration to find it, and I stumbled upon it by sheer luck and us just giving it a try just out of "what the hell" frustration. I ever called Saturn to complain after seeing that this problem is ALL OVER THE NET and they gave me the run around, and refused to recognize their Saturns have a faulty break system.. Seems they are more comfortable with their consumers sitting on the side of the road with their tires on freaking fire, then recognizing any responsibility for the issue .The line to the caliper corrodes at the clamp, and blocks the fluid from flowing backwards and releasing the break pressure. Mine actually got so hot it melted my A/C hoses and lug nut covers. Go to Youtube and put in "Brake Hose Blocked, Stuck Caliper" and it will show you the video. I tried to post it but it will not the forum does not allow it. We actually did the wire test he does.

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