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2008 VUE 2.4L
Attention 2008 VUE XE Brakes dragging and locking


We have an 08 Vue XE that recently(80k miles) started exibiting brake issues.

My wife informed me that the care was extremely low on power and she had to floor it to get up even the slightest of incline. I have been trying to track down a slow dissipation of brake fluid over the last couple months which left me stumped, but nothing else has seemed out of sorts.

Upon initial inspection, everything checked out, with the exception of low brake fluid, so I drove it to work. After about 15 minutes of stop and go freeway driving the front started to shake and I noticed I was turning 3500 RPM to maintain 65MPH and pulled over. Brakes were hot and the vehicle would not "creep" when in gear with no brakes applied. Pumped it a few times and it started to roll again. Finished the trip to work and it reappeared on the way home and I had it towed.

Since then I have:
- replaced the calipers
- replaced the front hoses
- Discovered the MC was leaking fluid into the booster and replaced it
- Flushed the entire system and bled

Immediately after finishing up the flush and bleed of the system I went for a test drive. The problem re-appeared within a couple miles and the lockup was even stronger than before. Both the traction control and ABS lights are now on.

I am getting the following codes:
- C0131 "ABS/TCS Pressure Circuit Malfunction" code
- U0140 - "Lost communication with Body Control Module" (BCM)

I have read the overwhelming amount of owners with this issue accross all of the GM sister models in this class and I am appalled that no action has been taken by GM...oh well.

Has anyone narrowed this issue down to any specific piece/part of process to date?

Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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