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Default Passlock / Ignition Problems

I have a 2001 SC1, recently I started having trouble starting it. It would crank over just fine, but wouldn't fire up easily like it had before. It was almost like it wasn't getting enough fuel. When it would finally start the idle would be weak and I would have to rev it up to keep it going. Once I got the car moving it was fine and idled fine at stop lights, etc. As soon as I would turn it off for about 20 - 30 minutes it would do the same thing. So my first thought was the fuel filter is plugged or even the fuel pump is about to quit. So I had my cousin who is a mechanic come over with a fuel pressure gauge and everything was normal, so not the pump or filter. So I got on here and checked and I am now thinking that it is the passlock system about to go bad. I bought the car used and the keys are a little worn and I can pull the key out of the ignition while it is running. I know the main fix for this is to get a new ignition switch, so my question is should I get the ignition cylinder too and have it coded for my keys? Could that be the problem that the cylinder is worn out causing the passlock to kick in? What about relearning the passlock, can it be done at home in the garage or do you have to have a reader/scanner?

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