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Default Re: My favorite websites for mods. A must for Newbies. (Yes, you, Madpowa)

Originally Posted by quiksc2 View Post
New free mod. I fried the board that the switch for the fog lights is on. I was trying to figure out a way to make it so the fogs come on with the parking lights, stay on with low beams, and stay on with high beams. I finally got around to poking around the relay, and realized if you jump the pins on the left (86 & 87?) it will accomplish this. I just used a staple from the office at my work.
Ya edit to this. I realized that the parking lights were powering the fogs, so they were really dim. Just ground the bottom right relay leg, and it bypasses the switch. The fogs are on whenever the parking lights are on, even if the brights are on. The fog light indicator light even works, the button just doesn't do anything.
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