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Default '94-SL1 - ignition key in switch chime - ignition switch bezel question

The chime that lets you know when you've left the key in the switch has saved me from locking the keys in the car many times . . . but now that switch is stuck on . . . i.e. the chime continues to sound even when the key is removed. What's the best lube / cleaner to use in the lock to try to fix this and not gum things up worse? Has anyone else fixed this problem?

Related to this, I'm trying to remove the steering column covers to get a better look at things in that area. I got the top cover off with no problem - but the ignition switch bezel prevents the bottom cover from coming off. How does that bezel come off - Haynes is no help - they just say "remove the bezel" . . .

Any info appreciated! THANKS
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