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Happy Re: Various Recent Problems Fixed

Well, got a new MIL code, P0440. Started just before Christmas and kept the light on constantly till this past weekend (had to make sure it wasn't just some faulty part like the EGR valve turned out to be).

Like before, I've also had P0449 but it doesn't set the MIL to be on. P0440 doesn't really point to anything in particular but P0449 does, the evap vent solenoid. So I started my search for problems to fix at the fuel filler neck. Once I took off the plastic wheel well shroud and looked at the solenoid (image borrowed from google/richpin I figured the problem was actually just a quick fix. Instead of looking right, what I saw was the wires split about 6 inches from the plug to the solenoid. Dirty ends of the broken wires and some missing and the black plastic wire guard was missing above the break.

Two sections of wire spliced in to reconnect the wires and it appears the issue is fixed. Not sure what would've caused them to be cut/broken but could've been some debris from the tire that somehow missed the shroud or could've been the mice the got in my garage in the middle of December. Either way, I no longer have P0449 showing up nor P0440. I sure hope that broken wire set is all I needed to fix.

It's only been 3 days since I fixed it but at least 30 miles of driving since resetting the MIL and no codes have returned.


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