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Just thought my recent issues/fixes would be worth posting. I've been on this site a lot recently but more reading than trying to post. I've got a 99 SC1, 3 door, 5 speed, currently 142k miles.

The list of things I've worked on/fixed this year include:
-spark plugs/wires replacement
-p0341 camshaft position code
-P1599 in history also P1620
-frozen open sun roof fix
-sun roof and trunk leaks fix (and resulting headliner deterioration)
-leaky intake manifold gasket replacement
-EGR valve (P1404, P0405)
-EGR valve
-EGR valve...
-thermostat replacement
-ECTS replacement
-coolant flush
-IAT replacement
-head unit replacement
-serpentine belt replacement
-P0449 EVAP circuit intermittent

Big thanks to all who have previously posted about anything in my list, I used this site as a reference a lot.

I'd had quite a few trouble codes pop up at the end of last calender year and have been working through them but kept getting stuck. The first set of spark plug wires were faulty due to cylinder 4 wire not snapping onto the plug; returned and 2nd set works great.

The EGR valve with P1404 and P0405 codes has been my worst enemy but I've finally solved it. Basically I had a failed original EGR valve, set P1404 but was not blocked at all; cleaning it and retesting it didn't fix the issue. I picked up a replacement Advance Auto store brand EGR valve, tried that and still got codes. Returned that as faulty and got a replacement, same brand. Ends up it was the same result of not being a match for my car (or faulty or whatever you want to say). At that point of the 2nd EGR valve and cleanings not solving the issue, I checked the wires which all looked good and took it to a local trustworthy shop. They figured it was a ECM problem due to both EGR and EVAP codes indicating circuit issues. I found a replacement ECM in the junkyard (99 manual without air, fyi) and plugged it in, still got the trouble codes; so I put my original ECM back in. Ended up trying a duralast EGR valve from Auto Zone and its worked perfect since then, no codes and no symptoms of any EGR issues. Turns out the BWD advance auto brand EGR didn't work for my 99 SC1.

The EGR symptoms beyond the trouble codes were intermittently being great and sometimes stumbling over itself. I never had it die on me or rev uncontrollably but it would fluctuate revs dropping to 500 up to to 1300. Sometimes when driving in town at around 25 mph it would stumble in gear too. But this is all solved and I get a smooth 795 rpm idle now and smooth when in gear.

I have a replacement fuel filter to install sometime soon since it's still got the original one 142k miles later...

Only thing I haven't addressed is P0449 since it doesn't set the check engine light and doesn't prevent the car from passing inspection.

Any ideas about the P0449? I haven't tried anything to solve it yet since it doesn't really affect anything about the car that I've noticed, I just don't care to drop the fuel tank to address anything if it doesn't seriously matter. This code has been present for the past year (but this hasn't been setting the SES light since the driver cycle never registered as finished). Its just nice to finally have gone a week without the service engine soon light coming on, I can't remember the last time it was off for a week (darn faulty EGR valves).

I can give more details on anything on my list, just ask.


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