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1994 SC2
Default Re: Have You Ever Let a Friend Drive Your Saturn?

Let a "friend" drive my SC2 couple years ago mainly because she was one of those arrogant "Saturns suck" Honda owners. It was quicker than she thought it would be.
Also let a friend drive it when we took a 14-hour trip to California. His driving scared me. Worst was on the way back. We left immediately after a race, so about 3 a.m. I'm in the passenger seat taking a nap when I sense we're stopping. "Where are we?" I ask. We were on a freeway onramp, he was tired so he decided to pull off. Did I mention my car has blacked out taillights and trucks were entering the highway? Since then no one else has driven my girl.

Saturn owner no longer as of 12/21/05, sold my SC2.


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