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Default Re: 2 transmissions 1 year?

Originally Posted by Squareback View Post
You're getting robbed on all fronts. Parts, labor, you name it. Geez for $1000 CDN I'll drive to your house and show you step by step how to fix it in your driveway. Seriously, a transmission on an S Series Saturn can be done in your driveway on your back with hand tools before lunch. You're getting raped, hardcore. As LowSaturn pointed out, replacing a clutch along with a transmission should be an extra 1/2 hour of labor MAX. The clutch kit itself can easily be had for $100-$150, so basically they're charging you an additional $900 for about 10 minutes worth of work. Find a new shop. Find someone on this board close to you who knows what they're doing. Seriously. Where in Canada are you? Edit your profile so your location shows up like the rest of us and you won't ever have to answer that again.
Hahaha Im tempted to take you up on that offer.
I just picked up the car from the garage, had to pay, needed it back asap.
i know im a sucker, but situations forced me to do what i had to do.
Total with tax was $1222.
Acording to the reciept - a used tranny was $599, and they replaced a couple of seals for $10 a piece, - personally from what you tell me i dont see how theres another $600 worth of labour on that.

And i took your advice and edited my profile. Im in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
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