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Default Re: 97 Saturn starts but won't turn over

Originally Posted by climbski View Post
I am leaning towards Wires/plugs or coils.. If it were me the next step would be replace wires and plugs .. then replace ECTS. Because both those are very inexpensive simple very possible fixes. Another thing to check when doing the ECTS is your plugin and wires to the ECTS as these go bad ..sometimes you can fix the problem temporarily by simply moving the wires. If so you know your plugin clip is bad.

The spark plugs this car likes best happen to be inexpensive NGK BKR5ESA-11 gapped to .040 Dont go with anything fancy as they actually won't likely work as well.

Just because you see spark jump doesn't mean you are getting enough.

Then coils as they cost more.

One more thing. You probably have a very good car. I'll be willing to bet once you find this problem and fix it you are going to love your Saturn.

Umm...The reverse order would be the best. The ECTS is THE MOST COMMON PROBLEM with Saturns. Everyone knows it. $12-$15 part. If you have to take it out, just replace it. Do that FIRST. If the P0341 exists, change the Plugs and Wires. What's that? $40-$50.? If the car still doesn't start, then you can look at ICM and Coils, and the JY is STILL the best place for that set. If all of these don't solve the problem, further testing is in order, not further parts replacing.


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