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Default Re: Not just the timing chain.....

Originally Posted by davidsky View Post
The Outlook should be OK for the timing issue from now on. GM changed the design of the chain in 2009 to reduce the stretching. (It can't be eliminated completely)
I would run only full synthetic oil if you haven't been from now on.
Thanks that does make me a "tad" bit more confident.

Althought I do have a question is using the synthetic oil because it won't have to be changed as often? It that really the best?

Only asking because I am a stickler in getting the oil changed every 3000 miles. Something my Father taught me when I bought my very first car....1966 Mustang.

So since I change it more often do you still recommend the synthetic? I do understand that synthetic is more expensive yet I still would keep up with the 3000 mile change.

Thanks again for your comments/input.

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