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1995 SC2
Default Re: 1996 SL2 questions

Originally Posted by billr View Post
I advise anybody continuing with this thread to do the suggested search for "Maura Murray".

My perception is that anything that her Saturn did or experienced is irrelevant to her disappearance.
Hmm, I went ahead and read over some of the stories, pertaining to this disappearance. It is, indeed, a peculiar story.

The evidence suggests that she was running away, by her call history/internet searches. But why?

That is the question that was definitely unanswered.

A witness seen her, she was not injured in the crash. She was also spotted by a second witness, traveling east on foot(allegedly, as no positive ID was actually confirmed), and this was the opposite of the direction she was traveling in the car.

What has me extremely perplexed: Her cell phone and debit/credit cards have not been used since her disappearance, and she had previously been arrested for using stolen credit cards. She worked as a security guard.

So, what we have is a woman that certainly knew how to commit fraud, and would be aware of how debit/credit cards as well as cell phones could be tracked.

No Facebook profile. MySpace was a big thing, back then. I wonder...., but no profile there as well. She certainly did a good job of staying off the radar. Public records doesn't even show her cellphone number, either.

Really strange.

I still stand with my initial finding, that she wanted to disappear. Whether she is alive or not, I don't know. She was seen shivering(hypothermia and a core body temp drop greater than 1F). She had been drinking, which reduces core body temperature, but the drinker won't feel it due to increased circulation to the extremities.

She even locked the car. But with no social media profiles and no mention of paper mail correspondence with anyone, man.

I wonder if she had a "burner phone". She stole credit card numbers, and her back pack has not been recovered. Burner phones are often used by drug dealers, on prepaid service. And up until the last few years, prepaid accounts were not tracked for SPI(Sensitive Personal Information).

When I worked for AT&T, if we got Prepaid customers calling in to is, their account info would merely display: "Prepaid Customer". We had no way to identify them, so they had to be transferred to the prepaid customer care.

Prepaid phone numbers do not typically come up in public records searches, and she could have used a different name/address.

If I were the police, with cell reception being so spotty in the area she crashed, I would have subpoenaed ALL calls routing through those towers, from that night. Whether or not they can still retrieve that, however, is a mystery.

Each carrier has their own criteria, for destroying old phone records from use of their network.

And considering they never got her text messages, I suspect she had AT&T/Cingular. They are the only carrier, that doesn't save the content of your SMS messages. Every other carrier will save them, in their database, for up to 6 months.

But, if she had Cingular or AT&T, it would be a GSM handset, with a SIM chip. The SIM can be swapped into another phone or cloned. Verizon/Sprint/Alltel handsets were CDMA without SIM chips, and were only tracked by the device IMEI. This would require a second handset, to make a call without being tracked to her original phone.

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