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Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

I had the key get stuck at the on/run position. The car could only be shut off dumping my clutch with the brakes on and killing the engine that way, I would then disconnect the negative battery cable to avoid running the battery down.

I could restart the car because the ignition allowed me to advance and start the car but I could not get to accessory or off position.

When I got all the new parts and did the repair myself, I then removed the lock cylinder, the old cylinder was totally disintegrated, and it came out in many small pieces of metal and small springs.

If I knew now back then, I would of parked the car sooner, I totally understand how all those wrecks must have happened.

The new cylinder I installed claimed to be an updated version and looked totally different in design but fit perfect, I found a seller on ebay who sold them and keyed them if you provided the key code. My lock housing also was damaged and was the costly part to replace.

1995 SL1 oil burner school commuter looks nice...1997 SL1 Gold 5-speed with new junk yard wheels and tires just got 40.4 MPG....2002 SL1 sometimes 45 MPG on a spring highway drive


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