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Default Part 2

9. The original starter came with a needle bearing in the nose cone. Mine looked so good that I decided not to replace it. You can put the replacement in there, but it is, of course, brass.

10. Right now, when the housing is totally empty, you have to decide if you want to machine that solenoid opening to be a bit bigger. It's not required, but makes reassembly a lot eaiser. I used a Dremel grinding stone followed by some emery cloth. It worked out well for me. If you do that, it is imperative to remove all the metal filings before reassembly.

11. Reassemble the drive mechanism and be sure to grease those parts that obviously need it.

12. Important Note: in the last pic above, that washer above the snap ring is installed upside down. So what I am showing you is WRONG. I did correct this, but didn't realize the problem when I took the photo.

13. You can now slide the drive mechanism back in the housing, BUT you will want to do this gradually, as that grommet needs to be put in BEFORE the drive mechanism is ALL the way in.

14. Put the solenoid slide and spring in place. NOTE: there will probably be a plastic ring on the old solenoid that it used to center the spring. You will have to remove it from the old solenoid and put it on the new one. Then put the new solenoid on and put in the screws.

15. There's that metal plate....

16. Remove the old brush holder, put on the new one, and insert back inside the magnetic casing. This can be tricky and might cause the brush holder to come off. You can't see it on this pic, but there is an alignment tab on the brush holder. It fits that casing very specifically.

17. The motor can now be attached to the housing. There is an alignment slot in the casing and a corresponding tab in that rubber grommet (below the solenoid, remember?). Get that right and it should all feel good.

18. Put the cover plate on. First, line up the little screw holes for the brush plate and put those in, then do the longer case bolts. Reconnect that power lead to the solenoid.


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