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Default Re: GM Readies New Ads, Deep Discounts to Clear Remaining Saturn Inventory

Originally Posted by mikec View Post
I remember when they wound Oldsmobile down, I would go by the dealerships and just see how long certain vehicles would hang on the lot and how low that they would go. I was surprised at how long that Aleros and Silhouettes were on some lots. The difference then was that most Olds dealers were multi-brand dealers and could afford to sit on these vehicles. Since Saturn dealers are on their own, I suspect that we will see some steep discounts between now and Christmas so they can close up shop.
Except for those Saturn dealerships that are not closing up shop. Some are going to sell other GM nameplates.

I checked with my dealership...they have 51 cars left...mostly Aura and Outlook...haven't had an Astra since the end of the summer!


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