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Default Re: GM Readies New Ads, Deep Discounts to Clear Remaining Saturn Inventory

Is GM nuts? Do they really think that a $4,000 or $5,000 (for loyal Saturn owners) rebate is significant for a car that is 1 - 2 model years old AND a discontinued orphan? That is not enough. I got a 2X better deal on a 2009 Jeep 3 months ago PLUS C4C! I can get almost as good a deal today at Ford or Chevrolet for a 2010 model, taking everything into account. What a JOKE, GM! This sort of thinking is typical of the stupidity that exists at the upper levels of GM and Chrysler management today. Idiot 20 and 30-something snot-nosed Harvard MBA's that they hire in sales and marketing. Get new management from accounting and engineering to lead the company and kick the incumbants out. Here's an idea for management: rebadge the Aura as a mid-size Buick (the new full-size Lacrosse is too big and too expensive) or replace the ugly Malibu with the sleek Aura in the Chevrolet lineup.

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