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Default Re: Report: GM Stopped Production of all Saturns Last Thursday

Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
Maybe I'm being too cynical, but think back to the EV-1 situation, GM took back a fleet of perfectly functioning, usable cars and simply crushed them, they didn't seem too woried about the financial loss that destroying perfectly good vehicles would put them in then....

what's to stop them from (thinking out loud here) contacting their dealer network and "requesting" that all unsold stock be transferred back to GM HQ, vehicles like the Outlook and Vue could, in theory, be switched to their Chevy/GMC/Buick clones with some minor grille/lights/bodywork changes, the Aura would need more extensive re-skinning to become a Malibu....

....or they could simply strip them for parts, and crush the remaining carcass
GM didn't "take back" anything. The EV1s were leased. GM took them back after the end of the lease. Just like if you lease a Mini-E, you'll have to give it back. Because it's a lease. And that's how leases work.

The EV1 battery system (Lead Acid for Gen1, NiMH for Gen2) wasn't robust enough to survive a full car lifetime, which is one of the primary reasons the program was canceled - the technology wasn't there.

Toyota and Honda also canceled their electric car programs at this time, so it wasn't just GM.

If you want to GM bash, feel free I guess, but please stop posting about the EV1. All you're doing is perpetuation lies and misinformation. The EV1 never was a good idea, it never was a functional car, and it was never financially or technologically viable, not in 1996 anyway.


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