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Default Re: Aura won't crank

Originally Posted by rochvids View Post
Thank you for sharing! The ground can cause a lot of problems. It was the first thing I looked into and made sure I had good connection, I even replaced the negative cable going to the engine and measured by touching the end to make sure it is making good contact. I will keep reading it, there might be something to check that I have not tried it. Thanks again.
I'm not talking about the battery ground wiring. The ground problem I had was on a lug attached to the engine. It has 6 wires attached to it. Only 2 of them had broken on mine. The grounds on that lug are for the ECM, the MAF, the IMT, TCM and 2 are for the Park/Neutral switch, 1 is for the ECM and one is for the TCM sides of the switch.
If you use the jumper method to turn it over, you will at least prove the relay and starter are good and the battery can turn the car over. That narrows it down to the relay start signal missing from the ECM. Reasons for that can include the ignition switch, the park/neutral switch, the Pass-key immobilizer system, among others I'm sure.

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