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Default Re: Rotella T Engine Oil....

Originally Posted by gm7 View Post
Thanks guys.
Sounds like the only downside is the 10 more pts of viscosity of the 5-40W at hot with the Rotella T which is bit harder for the little 1.9 to shear. Will likely stick with Mobil1 as I have had great success with it. Have to say my SC2 runs very well...have been pleased with this car as my daily driver. The motor isn't strong by any means but runs flawlessly and fun to drive. I love the simplicity of the SC2.
Thanks again,
Over several high mileage S-series, I've had no problems at all with Walmart 15-40 fleet diesel rated oil except in winter. No cars failed from lack of lubricity and I'm still driving one of them. 15-40 is too thick for a cold winter, but it seems quite fine for the rest of the year in our desert southwest conditions. I never run hard until it's warmed up, but that's only a mile or two with the aluminum block. Then I run fast with a light foot. No city driving. The longer filter helps too.


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