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Default BCM problem I think - need advice

Hello all, here's the story. 2001 LW 200 with approx 170,000 miles. Battery about 1.5 years old. Battery light came on (was noticed) around 5 miles from home. Had to work the next day so it was driven about 10 miles to work and a few miles out to lunch where the car died. (This was not me. My son-in-law). Would not shift out of Park, airbag light on, ABS light on, Service light on (wrench). Manually lifted shift interlock so got it in neutral and car was towed home. I changed the alternator (battery was disconnected during this time) and jumped battery and battery charged and new (rebuilt) alternator was putting out 14.5V. But the airbag light was still on and it still wouldn't shift out of park, also the doors would not lock or unlock with the fob or the door lock button. A few days later everything cleared up except the airbag light. Today I noticed the odometer had rolled back to zero. It only had the miles he drove to get here. Tried the 30 minute reset procedure with no help. Any ideas? Thanks, you guys have saved my skin numerous times in the past.


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