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Default Re: What did you do to your S-Series today...

1) The old AC Delco control arms with new AC Delco brand.
2) The passenger side CV axle with my (spare) still good O.E. that was on the car from Springhill.
3) The old Centric rotors with new Centric rotors
The old Centric rotors were installed in Nov. 2015 and probably have one more year left on them before the creeping edge rust eats too far into the pad area. They did not ever pulse and that speaks of quality. They went thru two (2) complete sets of pads. The sets of pads were removed when half worn.
3a) Installed a set of half worn AC Delco O.E. ceramic that I “refaced” by standing on them, one by one, and scooting across the concrete driveway. Like new.

Originally Posted by bumpdraft View Post
Tracking down a front-end vibration from 60 to 70mph in 5th gear.
Comp Test
All good.

I checked the mounts a couple days ago. All good.

By grabbing the tire at 12 & 6 olclock, the driver’s wheel bearing felt loose. today I installed a new one.
The old one shows a “change” in wear-pattern on the race at 6 o’ it needed changing regardless...but not in January

Here is one of the threads I’m following:

Next suspect, after verifying tires again, is the driver’s AC Delco control arm ball joint. CA was installed 17,000 miles ago. If I only replace one CA, I might get away with just adjusting Toe until the steering wheel is in the straight-ahead when traveling in a straight line.

Competition Clutch 10Lb. Flywheel. 14 stalls to date (and loving it).
Oil use is 1 ounce per 100 miles with ~230,000 miles on the engine


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