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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal

Hello All again:

Here some more updates:

I have removed the brute flywheel and clutch and installed luk brand parts.

First impression, Luk parts look nicer. I noticed the flywheel does not have guide pins. I have installed the system without pins.

I run the car, noticed the problem has gotten worse. The pedal feels so soft and I cannot shift in any gear now. It was so soft that I have even suspected that I have forgotten the throw out bearing.

1. I have checked the fork and it has very little play (1-2mm).
2. I run the car in the first gear, the wheels have started to rotate immediately when the car was jacked up and even the clutch pedal was all the way down.
3. I dropped the car and do a roll test: i have started the car in the first gear, it does not roll at all.

I think my clutch cylinders are not strong enough. I will replace them but I'm not sure if I want to spend any more money if it does not fix it.

Did I miss any adjustment during installation?
Do you have any thoughts?
Which brand of cylinders I should buy?Rock auto has LUK assembly also.

Thank you in advance.


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