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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal

Originally Posted by OldNuc View Post
The correct replacements for any year Saturn clutch have been discussed at great lengths on here and the off brand low cost clutches are known to be highly problematic especially in the 3rd gen cars. Luckily the one you bought should work OK as it is a copy of the 91-98 clutch.
Hello All:

Here is an update about my problem.

After further tests, I noticed that if i floor the clutch pedal (if I step on it), it is a lot easier to shift into the first gear, still not what I remember though. I can feel an extra resistance in the last moment.

I did the wire test. I got something around 10mm, considering my measurement errors, I concluded that clutch hydraulics are fine.

I decided to remove the pressure plate. As soon as I pulled back the transmission, I can see some pressure plate fingers are taller than the others. I think this is my problem. After I remove the pressure plate off the car, fingers looks very normal.

I will try to get a replacement, even better, slightly better quality ones.

I will update you later when I had chance to put it back together.



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