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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal


I did the basic clutch test. I run the car, put it in the first gear with clutch pedal in. I waited 3 minutes without any rolling. I did this test twice without any rolling at all.

I could not do the wire test because of accessibility. I might do it tomorrow.

Here are more observation:
1. The problem shows up randomly, mostly during driving. First time I start the car, it generally shifts fine.
2. I can shift to other gears very smooth, even reverse, but it refuses to go into first.
3. I dont see any improvement if i pump the clutch, it is purely random.
4. I almost think there is something wrong singling out the first gear in the transmission. I opened up the transmission but I did not separate gears or shiftier. Only reverse and 5th gear.

The worst thing, I hope to change pressure plate in a day. Winter is coming.

Am I heading to pressure plate problem?

Thanks you.


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