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Default Re: Air Vent Control Not Working

this topic is my BIGGEST pet peeve with our vue. every single year about this time, our air system does this, or some strange variant thereof. in fact, we just got it back from the shop for this very thing.

four years straight now, the dealer does a reprogram and replaces the control head (the hvac dial knobs). it works great...until the following fall,.

ill take my bezel and radio out and take a gander at what you are talking about. id love for it to be so simple to shove in the dealers face. each year, i rub in the fact that they keep saying 'we finally got it this year'.

on a side note, our symptoms range from no mode control (defrost, vent, floor, etc), no temp control (ALL burning hot or all freezing cold), or both at the same time. the issues can cycle with the on/off cycle of the ignition.

the last time ours was stuck on full heat, we closed the vents, rolled down the windows on a 75 degree day while on the highway, and measured the surface temp of my dash in multiple spots with an ir temp gauge at 117 degrees!


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