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Default Re: Saturn Outlook reliability (please sign up if you're new)

We've updated our reliability stats for the Outlook to include owner experiences through June 30, 2014 (making them about 14 months ahead of some others).

Repair frequencies, in terms of repair trips per 100 cars per year:

2010 Outlook: 65, moderate
2009 Outlook: 71, moderate
2008 Outlook: 70, moderate
2007 Outlook: 69, moderate

We have two additional statistics, "Nada-odds" and "Lemon-odds", to indicate the percentage of cars with no repairs in the past year and those that required 3+ trips to the repair shop:

2010 Outlook: 51, < 1
2009 Outlook: 58, 6
2008 Outlook: 50, 1
2007 Outlook: 54, 3

Next updates in November and in February. The more owners participate, the more comprehensive and precise these will be.

For repair descriptions, the stats of other cars, and to sign up to help improve this information:

Saturn Outlook reliability ratings and comparisons

... -- need more Saturns!
More useful reliability information -- first info on Aura and Outlook
Price comparisons, quick and thorough


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