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Default Re: How To: Clutch Hydraulic system with pics

I'll add my sincere thanks for this guide which saved me about $17000 because I was going to buy a new car if the clutch in my old Saturn was shot. With the new hydraulics it shifts much better.

Here's my notes from the experience as an individual who knows exactly enough to get himself in trouble when it comes to vehicle repair.

When I got to the step of removing the slave cylinder by pushing on it, I didn't realize how hard I'd have to push to get it to come loose. I doesn't help that it's a slightly awkward angle at which to push which means I didn't have full leverage.

It wasn't until I got the slave cylinder out that I realized I'd ordered the wrong part from Rock Auto. (My fault, not theirs.) They sell the hydraulic hose by itself for $95 and the hose plus slave and master cylinders for anywhere from $76 - $110 depending on who makes it. I needed the Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Assembly for my '97 SC.

With regards to the great controversy over whether or not to move the brake master cylinder when installing, I don't think it has anything to do with the size of one's hands. I've got long, skinny, agile fingers and I still couldn't get the new unit threaded into place on my non-ABS vehicle without moving the brake master cylinder. It's probably easier to install the unit with the hose going *above* the brake lines, but that looked to me like an invitation for damage to the line from a rubbing battery cable once everything gets back into place. The unit I replaced was original and it was threaded below the brake lines, and that's how I installed mine.

Also some mistakes not to make that I --- er, that a friend of mine made when he was doing this. While you're upside down under the dash removing the clip that connects the master cylinder pushrod to the clutch pedal, bear in mind that that little clip is yearning for freedom and will make the most of its opportunity. With one hand holding the flashlight and the other holding the screwdriver, you'll need your third hand to make sure it doesn't get too far.

Also, my friend -- this guy is really an idiot, you have to understand -- when reversing the process after the new unit was installed, he reattached the pushrod/clutch pedal clip and decided to test the linkage while he was down there. This promptly broke the factory-installed, one-use plastic binding on the slave cylinder which should only be broken once the cylinder is mounted in place which of course this one wasn't. Fortunately it was a gentle test and it didn't shoot the slave cylinder pushrod onto the driveway, thus saving the pusher a great deal of time, money and embarrassment.

First gear is no longer a constant trial, and I and everyone who has gotten stuck behind me at a traffic light is grateful for that.


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