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Default Re: Good Price for 2009 Aura?

Originally Posted by Threxx View Post
I also would want to buy one under warranty, even if not for much longer... simply because I might notice something broken only after I bought the car.
Thatís exactly what I think. Thanks for the insight and comments.
I figure, if I can buy factory warranty, extended warranty (or both), on this rental Aura, at least it will be covered for major mishaps. Would that be the powertrain coverage? I still need to look for a warranty at a good price with good coverage. Then my risk is whether:
(1) the rental Aura ran 5 round trips of 10K miles each with harsh driving; or
(2) the rental Arua was used commuting to/from work, 5 days a week since September 2008; 43K miles average to 52.4 miles to work each way. Nowadays, this commuting mileage is believable; I used to drive 42 miles to work.
If the rental Aura had many problems, then it wouldnít have been driven so many miles because it would have been in a repair shop; not accumulating miles.
I hope Iím not overlooking anything important.

Dr. Chris. You got a good deal.


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