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Default How To: Clutch Hydraulic system with pics

Hereís a how-to on replacing the clutch hydraulics in a Saturn S-Series.

Iíd like to thank SLCraig for his help with this repair.

First, block up the clutch pedal so it cannot be depressed. I used a bungee cord.
Remove the air box and battery.
Remove the battery tray

There are three bolts to the battery tray Ė two on top and one on the drivers wheel well.

Next, remove the two bolts holding the clip on the slave cylinder.

Remove the slave cylinder by pushing in on it and turning counterclockwise until it pops out.

Let it hang there and move to the brake cylinder. Remove the two bolts holding the brake master cylinder to the booster.

Pull the brake cylinder off the bolt studs and move it towards the passengers side slightly. This gives room to get to the clutch master cylinder.

Now itís time to remove the clip holding your clutch pedal to the master cylinder pushrod. Get your light and a flathead screwdriver. Stand on your head looking up under the clutch pedal and youíll see a clip. In the picture below the pushrod is silver with red paint on it. Itís connected to the clutch with a clip.

Remove the clip with your screwdriver and pull the pushrod off the stud on the clutch pedal.

Hereís a picture of the clip that holds it on:

Let the push rod hang there and return to the engine bay. Next grab the master cylinder and turn 1/8th of a turn counterclockwise and pull it out of the dash. The push rod will pull out as well. Note the brake master cylinder off its studs and moved aside in the pic below:

Take note of how the hydraulic lines are run under the brake lines and other stuff as you try and untangle it. I pulled the master cylinder under all that stuff and put it back in the same way.

Hereís a picture of the clutch hydraulics:
Left to right is pushrod/master cylinder and then slave cylinder. The slave cylinder pushrod was not present in the picture!


This took me about 30 minutes on my first time doing it.

There is a clip holding the pushrod on the slave cylinder side that holds the rod in place while installing the slave cylinder. The first time you push the clutch youíll break this retaining clip. Itís normal.

If you run into very much resistance after ever removing the slave cylinder STOP. Donít stand up on the clutch because you will blow out the slave cylinder. Itís possible for the slave pushrod to miss the clutch fork and give you a rock solid clutch pedal.


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