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Default Re: Survey: Does YOUR RL have rear camber?

Originally Posted by Xboxer View Post
This is info I was given from the Acura Alignment shop after getting the last alignment: (why it said 4x2 is beyond me)

FOR A : Saturn 04 VUE 4x2 Red Line

Camber -0.80 -1.33
Cross Camber 0.53
TOE -0.06 -1.18

So what is TOE? The bolded text above was shown on the printout.

Do these numbers tell you why the rear tires were shredded?
Yes, they do. Your camber is, for the most part, fine. -.8 and -1.3 isn't a drastic difference and neither is too huge.

Toe. Now we've got something. Normally, the toe should be at about 0.08 deg toe in per side. Your left side looks a little out, but the right side is INCREDIBLY out of whack. I mean big time out. Not even remotely close to being out in left field. 1.18 deg of toe is a ton. What that gives you is a total of over 1.2 degrees of toe out instead of under 0.2 deg toe IN where it should be. Your tires are basically being dragged sideways as you drive along.

To put it in perspective, your rear tires are thinking you're cornering at a fairly decent level when you're driving straight. Think like a freeway off-ramp taken at a moderate pace. ALL THE TIME!

My guess is that your right toe link slipped at some point in time. That would also explain why your right camber is higher. Adjusting the toe link also affects camber, toe out means more negative camber, which is what you have.

Time for a full alignment and you'll be fine.

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