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Default Re: Rotella T Engine Oil....

Originally Posted by 97coupe View Post
When oil gets dirty enough it starts to bypass filter and then is can become almost like liquid sand paper given enough time
I can't believe that dirty oil would activate some sort of filter bypass. I can believe that a clogged filter could activate some sort of filter bypass if the filter or engine were designed that way. I mean, it's probably better for your engine to send gritty oil through it than no oil, regardless of how gritty that oil is. (Since no oil guarantees failure, whereas gritty oil only guarantees wear and tear.)

I would think that it would be pretty smart to add a bypass indicator that'll light up your oil pressure light telling you that your filter is clogged.

I experienced the engine with the clogged oil filter that was loosing oil pressure every time you revved the engine, and regaining it when you stopped and restarted the engine. This experience is contrary to the oil bypass theory, because if there was an oil bypass on this vehicle or in this filter, the oil pressure would not have dropped when the filter was clogged. But then, this was over 20 years ago, so things could have changed since then.


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