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Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

Originally Posted by 2007_ion2 View Post
I just had the ignition switch done yesterday and I don't like the new key. It fees weird in my hand cause of the blank spot where the logo of the car should be. And the new design has the little hole for a small ring to be inserted to attach it to my key ring makes me feel like my key ring is bulkier. Would def have preferred to keep my old keys or get have some sort of logo (pref Saturn) on the key...tho I have nev experienced the ignition switch issue with the old one.
I got my ignition done today. Like 2007_ion2 they gave me a new key set. Yeah, it looks different as noted: no logo and only a hole, not a slit. But, heck, its otherwise the same key! I tried my old key and it still worked the ignition and it started the vehicle. So why the new key? Just to be nice?


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