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Default Re: Urgent!! Starter ???

Well, here's an update:

I traded cars with my dad for a few weeks, and he did not have the problem, not even once! I think it's because he only starts the car twice a day versus five, six, seven, or maybe even more times during the course of several hours like my mother does.

I had some time last night, so I took the battery out and had it bench tested by my buddy at the parts store. They have this tester that simulates day-to-day use and puts the battery through a series of charge and discharge cycles. The battery failed the test. In fact, it was leaking and "hissing" when the test was complete.

I went to Walmart and bought their $69 Everstart-MAXX battery. It has a three year free replacement and nine year pro-rated warranty. Time will tell if this was my problem, but for sure, it was one of my problems.


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