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Originally Posted by Signmaster View Post
It might be worth seeing if the shop will refund your money and take back the frowny mount. They shouldn't install a crap product that makes the situation worse. If they don't want to do it just remind the service manager that you might tell the entire internet and all your friends to avoid that shop.
I had to do that with this local shop in my neighborhood. I took it to them to diagnose my window problem they charged me $80 I think and they said it needed a whole new assembly motor and all. After I has already installed the motor. I went home pulled them relay put back in and wha la. It worked! I took it back up there and told them to figure it out while I waited. And then they asked what is the problem I said "no that's why I paid u is to find the problem so find it I did". They didn't like that so they just gave me my money back cause they were wrong. Well I don't like getting ripped off by lazy mechanics that just throw parts at cars. We're paying for their expertise and advice not to just slap a part on and hope it works. Oh btw they wanted $300 to fix the window. So what if I paid that and then they change the whole assembly and it still wouldn'tve worked. Douche bags!
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