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1995 SW2
Default Re: Noob with excess Vibes

Ok, found a picture of a frownie type mount and the new one installed in my SW2 by the shop is definitely that type (although the "eyes" on my frownie face are spaced a bit further apart than the picture someone posted). I cannot see any manufacturer label. The metal part bolted to the top of the engine is about 1.25" thick and the studs have threads extending well above the top of the metal.

So what's the wisdom here? Review of my sad tale: I was experiencing some excess vibrations before dropping the car off at my usual shop (who I somewhat trust) for an oil change. They noted the vibration and suggested replacing the upper mount - said that they had done hundreds of upper mounts on Saturns. I told them to go ahead and got the car back with vibrations about 4x worse. I complained, they "investigated" and had no useful suggestions. I was not happy with them. If I had put on a new mount that made the problem worse I would have taken it off and tried to figure out what was going on - not just put the car in the lot and say it was ready to be picked up.

If the frownie mount design sucks, then I imagine that the old mount taken off by the shop was gradually going bad but then the shop replaced it with a new and worse one. So now I have to find a "good" one and replace it again?
Sound about right?
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