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Default Key stuck in ACC due to shifter micro level failure

My car has been having issues with the key getting stuck in ACC after parking. I converged on the problem being the micro level switch in the shifter assembly. This was no longer completing the circuit. I spent some time with the console open using a screwdriver every time to get the key out. When I lost my mind doing that I took it to the dealership. Twice. And both times they ghosted me after saying I needed a new shifter assembly. I got the impression that they couldn’t get this part anymore.

So I took matters into my own hands and grabbed a piece of wire and shorted the circuit with solder. Now I can take my key out / turn the car off anytime! Even on the highway!

This obviously doesn’t make me feel very good, but at least it works. Is it possible to find the micro level and install it myself? It looks like a very simple part to swap out. Where could I find the exact model?

2009 Saturn vue hybrid living in Toronto.

Thanks for any help!
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