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2003 ION-2 Sedan
Default high idle RPM after 2.4 manifold swap

long time no see

i recently done the 2.4 LE5 intake manifold swap on my ion.
all iv done was replace the manifold itself, and the brake booster vacuum hose since the location is further than the 2.2 IM.
i have no added the adapter plate to fully fit the 2.2 TBC TB to the manifold, but is still installed securly with 3 of 4 bolts.

the problem i am having now is that my idle RPMs stay around 1100 RPM a few minutes after startup, which in turn, triggers the P0507 code, adding to the existing P0455 iv been having for quite some time before the swap.
i can confirm that the the TB is fully secured to the manifold and that there is no vacuum leak there, and that the replacement brake booster hose is not leaking either.
the purve solenoid hoses are secured correctly also on the manifold and the solenoid itself.
the engine also makes a noticable chirping sound, which disappears above 2k RPM.
one more thing too, when i turn on the AC, RPMs then go down to the normal idle RPMs around 700. idk if thats due to the load the AC putting a load which balances out the RPMs.

On the plus side, there is a noticable performance increase, enough to overcome the drag my AC puts on when its turned on.
Havent been able to get improved mpg from the swap due to the high idle RPMs bringing it down.

and as im finishing up typing this post, i just thought about the intame manifold gasket between it and the engine.
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